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Parent Coordinator (PC) services deal with matters involving parenting, coparenting, childcare, child welfare, interactions between parents and different households. A PC will help to develop visitation or living schedules which comply with the Court's stipulations and can assist parents with logistics related to travel, doctors, schools, extra curricular activities and many other child's needs that will help resolve issues making your coparenting life easier. Your Parent Coordinator is considered impartial and will assist you in implementing your existing, court-ordered parenting plan.

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One of the keys to coparenting is cooperative communication. Meetings with parents will occur regularly and not just when a dispute arises. Meetings can be via telephone or video sessions. Transparent communication among all parties will include emails and via a web application such as Our Family Wizard. Your Parent Coordinator will also gather information and documents from teachers, doctors, therapists, family members or other parents in the home, such as step-parents. They will communicate regularly with each party's attorney. They may be called to testify, or provide reports to the Court.

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A Parent Coordinator is authorized to arbitrate day to day parenting decisions related to the Court ordered parenting plan. Your Parent Coordinator may not change or counter the Court ordered plan, and will not direct either party to act against the order. Peaceful dispute resolution is our goal.

Parenting Forward Process

Our process includes, but is not limited to, initial contact by both parent's attorney with our Parent Coordinators, obtaining the Court order, collecting the New Client information, as well as our contract and retainer due for service, collecting all documents pertaining to the case, meeting with parents and children, interviewing all parties to the case, building the file, and facilitating communication. To learn more about the process, please visit the Step-by-Step drop down listed under the Resources tab on our site.

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